One of the original logos
thepoorassgamer and E_HUFFY circa 2015

Games and Gimmicks started in the summer of 2015. The idea was simple, grab a few brews and talk all things nerd culture. Sure the title and tagline focuses on video games and pro wrestling, but we really stick to covering everything in between. So hit subscribe from your favorite podcast provider, grab a beverage, and listen along. You’ll be glad you did!

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi gng I’ve enjoyed your website thank you I ask specially enjoyed the review you did of Star Trek the motion picture thank you I hope that you continue to do the movie series review I look forward to the wrath of Khan I am reaching out to you to ask you how did you do the cover 4 the poster with the 3 of you placing your heads in it would you mind giving me a step by step outline of how you did that please I would very much appreciate it as I am a fellow artist and have had the hardest time trying to successfully do the motion picture poster thank you very much I look forward to more great review Tony parks

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    1. Hi Tony,
      Thanks for being a listener! We are hoping to continue the Star Trek movie review series very soon.

      In regards to the poster art, “thepoorassgamer” created that. He is currently on an extended vacation at the moment, but once he gets back, he can hopefully give you some tips on how to create it. Thanks again and have an awesome day!



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