Star Trek: First Contact

G&G 187 – “Resistance is Futile!” It’s time to tackle one of the most fondly discussed Trek movies and engage the borg! “Arthur_Dent_6x7” naturally returns to give initial thoughts and impressions of Strange New Worlds and E_HUFFY goes an entire episode without bashing “New Trek.” We assimilate all avenues of the film; the Borg Queen and how many of her there are, Lily being the best character, memorable lines, influence on video games, a hilarious tale of E_HUFFY running into Ethan Phillips (Neelix/Maiter d’) in an elevator, and so much more. Hurry and download this episode because this is no time to argue about time, we don’t have the time!

This series will return for Star Trek: Insurrection.

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Games and Gimmicks, the podcast discussing Video Games, Professional Wrestling, and Everything In Between! Hosted by E_HUFFY and thepoorassgamer!

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