We’re Back!

Whew! For a moment I didn’t think I’d be able to wrestle the podcast back from the clutches of Podomatic. But, I can happily say that with the click of a button, we’ve successfully moved the podcast to this website. We are now able to bring you our entire back catalog of episodes, right on up to episode 001. Please forgive the crumminess of those first ten or so episodes, it was before we bought better microphones (but hey it still worked!).

It’s also fallen to me to bring some of you the bad news: if you subscribed on Apple Podcasts and you see the red logo, this means you’ll need to unsubscribe, delete the past episodes, then re-subscribe to the podcast. I know, kinda crappy, but on the plus side we have unlimited storage here, so shuffling of episodes shouldn’t happen anytime soon. The new RSS feed will have the yellow and blue logo.

With the change over to this website, we’ll be aiming to bring you more topics (movies, television, netflix, streaming) and of course, more guests. We’ll be continuing our Video Podcast on YouTube for those that love visual aides, and below you’ll find all the links to every social media outlet we currently use.

We want to thank everyone for their patience while making this change, and we hope that you’ll share the show with your friends as well! Enjoy the shows everyone!

Joey Reyna


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