Games and Gimmicks – 2019 and Beyond!

Hello everyone! I’ve been thinking a lot about the podcast lately, (I received an email reminder from our podcast hosting website that we’ve been going for three years now). There’s hours of talk on this site about all the things myself and Eric love: video games, professional wrestling, and generally everything nerdy. We’ve debated the merits of Star Wars, found a new community with NJPW and indie wrestling, and marveled at the cinematic prowess of Christopher Nolan. I’ve also tried to use this platform and my time to talk about my love of video games.

Video games will always be that thing to me. And I’ve really have been wondering, as I get older, how will my drive to play games change? I’m 33 now, and I have the exact same feeling I had when I played my first video game, maybe even more so. But personal commitments aside, I can’t really see this changing. So in a weird way, this website is a time capsule. A place to go back to and see how my thoughts and opinions have changed, even over this short period of time.

So here’s the deal. I’ve been debating this most of my adult life and I’ve been thinking about the pull that games have always had on me. I’ve never actually neglected other people while playing games, but I’ve always seemed to neglect myself (such as not getting enough sleep). In college, I went to art school to learn how to make games. I graduated, became completely burnt out on making art, and even went so far as to not make anything for four years. But games have always remained constant. And it’s really been an important thing in my life. And while my art background now serves as a kind of therapy to me, I’m currently playing more games than I’ve ever played. Maybe in some weird way I realized that games are their own type of therapy. And maybe that all depends on what your playing too.

So what I’m getting at is, stay tuned, as in, today, for some more personal essays and posts about all things gaming.

-Joseph Reyna


P.S. Eric and I are working on doing some film reviews in the near future!

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