Mae Young Classic Review – Episode 3

Oh boy, I fell off the writing train for a bit, but I pick up where I left off with the Mae Young Classic reviews. WWE TV programming basically ruined who the final two competitors are for me. But, it’s still worth it to see who is going to possibly rise out of this event to become a staple of the WWE roster.

Ayesha Raymond vs Toni Storm

Toni Storm has “one hell of an attitude”. She doesn’t care when she comes out. And people don’t realize what is inside of her. I believe there are the same things inside of her as all of the other women, biologically speaking. Ayesha is the “deadlift diva” shhhhhh, we’re not calling them Diva’s anymore! Okay, let’s get to the first match of the night:

First things first, Ayesha is tall that is for sure. Toni Storm looks like the female Slash with that tiny hat. Toni Storm has a nice set of hip attacks, also seems to be more fast than Ayesha.

More Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

Missed off the top rope move from Ayesha. Slowish roll up pin win for Toni. An okay match for the start of episode 3.

Kavita Devi vs. Dakota Kai

Kavita Devi is the first Indian women in the WWE Tournament. She owes some of the start of her career to the Great Khali, which is, great? Hard KD is coming for you. I am scared. Dakota Kai has some strong strikes and again we are seeing a lot of footage from this Shimmer show. Just on paper this seems like it will be a good match but let’s see.

Dakota Kai’s music sounds like something out of Rocket League. Meanwhile, Hard KD’s starts with a tiger roar, which is not at all stereotypical of WWE. Not at all.

Kavita be strong yo, like maybe on some Tinder gear strong. She is showing us some strong work however. Nothing fancy as JR states. WOW, Kavita gave quite the military press to Dakota, very strong. Dakota Kai wins with a pretty strong kick in the corner and a Coup de grace and the pin.

I was very surprised by this match, then again, my feelings initially did not fail me. Two in a row, let’s see if we can keep this going.

The Rocks family showed up along side Nia Jax, a nice change from all the MMA ladies.

Bianca Belair vs Sage Beckett

Bianca has a long whip like braid and honestly never seen another wrestler think to use their hair as a weapon. Kind of odd this hasn’t happened up to this point and it isn’t against any one particular rule. Interesting, but as usual, someone has to have a gimmick. Sage is a shaman, which is something. She doesn’t actually have magic or a deck of cards but believes in energy around her giving her power. She basically a witch.

Shaman. Sorry.


Id like to see the TV show JR and the Shaman. They solve mysteries while driving a van in Oklahoma.


Bianca is a pretty amazing athlete just from the first few minutes of this match, Sage isn’t a slouch though. That hair comes into play and then Bianca gives quite the spear to Sage for the win.

All and all, “Im the Martin Luther of my game”, I didn’t hear that before when Bianca came out. She’s a pretty solid performer and now we are three for three.

Piper Niven vs Santana Garrett

Santana seems like a pretty generic babyface ultimately, but I think she is convincing enough. Piper is Scottish, aggressive and strong. She did say you can have fun, which is pretty much one of those things I hate hearing wrestlers say.

Lots of telegraphed strikes but this just feels like early match jitters. Cravat sounds like a British food. Pork and Beans for breakfast. Strong DDT set up by Santana, she smiles a lot even when she is in pain, weird.

Some pretty big near falls by both competitors and finally a michinoku driver by Piper for the win. All and all that felt like a pretty strong episode.

Truthfully I have been pretty hard on this tournament from it’s start. Usually this is because the first rounds of these network events are rather bland, at least in the last few episodes. But WWE proved me a bit wrong with this episode.

‘Up and at them’



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