Mae Young Classic Review – Episode 2

Welcome back for another ad-lib style post reviewing WWE’s Mae Young Classic. We’ll kick it off with a few more matches from the first round from episode two. I hope there is substance to this outing and I hope I’m not completely bored by the end of these reviews, but hey, I’m having some fun so far!

Mercedes Martínez vs. Xia Li

Xia Li’s first match ever, lets hope the goes well for her. She knows kung-fu ya’ll so maybe that will play in her favor. Mercedes Martinez is not a high flyer, more of a tough woman type. She reminds me of a stronger looking Sasha Banks.

My first thoughts, just on appearances though folks, which are fickle: Mercedes’ music reminds me of Konnan.

Xia comes out with a fan and while, not really a weapon she can use in the match, does go well with her costume. Time for some Mortal Kombat fight dancing. Where’s Goro?

Immediately this match starts with a hand shake diss again. Eek, Xia seems a bit under matched, unless she’s kicking you and all. Again, lots of OH’s from this crowd and some very loud talking in ring.

JR reminds us that Xia should not win this match, I feel you are correct sir. Mercedes takes a page out of Zach Saber Jr and ends it all with a surfboard dragon sleeper. Not bad, but kinda slow, pretty boring actually now that I think about it.

Marti Bell vs. Rachel Evers

Rachel reminds us that her dad is a jerk. Shoot dad, if you worked in wrestling in the 80’s, why the HELL wouldn’t you take me to a show? Or let me watch it?! Geez Paul. Also Rachel doesn’t want to tell you what type of wrestler she is, she’s skilled so cut her some slack.

Marti is a street smarts tough Dominican woman that wants you to know: she’s Dominican. Every time, I hear Marti, I think Back to the Future, I can’t, I’m sorry.

Lita’s commentary just doesn’t make sense some times. Marti is using “veteran” techniques such as mind games, but we eventually cop to her having “limited time in the ring”. Rachel is definitely coming off as more experienced. Right as I said this, Marti totally botched a simple hang up on the ropes from the outside, looked pretty bad. The botch count is getting a little high here folks, lot of bad sells and moves that just, aren’t moving fast enough for me. Case in point, match ends with an inside cradle pin by Rachel.

Ohh boy. I don’t know how I am going to make it through all of these reviews, these matches aren’t terrible, not bad, just not really all that exciting. Cut to:

Triple H speaking to all the women athletes: “To me, this has been a long time coming…”. A sort of, “I don’t want to pat myself on the back, but why the hell not, go right ahead” kinda moment.

I’m happy he is excited about this tournament, I think this is definitely a good idea, but these first few rounds haven’t exactly been the most exciting Network exclusive shows to date. I’m still hanging in here folks.

Rhea Ripley vs. Miranda Salinas

Miranda is not going to let people look down on her. Admittedly she is 5 feet tall. So, she’s go that going against her.

Rhea is a 9 year veteran, former soccer player and mosh pit enthusiast. And she is only 20 years old. What do they feed their children in Australia to make their children the perfect wrestler? Rhea kinda reminds me a lot of Charlotte. JR notes that Miranda has her ring on while fighting.


*loud loud loud

Lita was a pirate traveling around the world when she was 20. I would like to see a picture from these days.

Lots of waiting for other strikes to take place, Rhea kicked Miranda like Sami Zayne, that was pretty good.


JR “We have fans from down under, which is obvious.”

Rhea lands a full nelson slam, like it was any doubt she was loosing this match.

So, it’s starting to became obvious during these first few matches, who is going to win from the outset.

Mia Yim vs Sarah Logan

See, here is what is so weird for WWE. They make a point to talk about deeply personal stuff that clearly Mia wants to talk about. It’s a great platform for her to discuss the horrible stuff she’s experienced. But some of this stuff seems oddly placed in this first round. Like that WWE wants me to cheer against the person that was domestically abused if she is no good. See why that’s weird? I do like that we get non manufactured storylines from new talent, but it’s kind of hard to make a decision early on who you like best for a particular contest. Maybe that’s a good thing though…

Oh and Sarah Logan is a backwoods country girl from Kentucky. And she has killed her own dinner in the past. So, do I really need to explain why these stories are just oddly placed together? Anyways, let’s get to this matchup.

Sarah Logan comes out to a lil old southern banjo pluckin, and JR stated Sarah would be “If Davy Crockett had a little niece, and had an uncle named Tater”. Need I say more folks?

Now this match, has caught up to pace, FULL SAIL, stop with TWO SWEET. What must we do to not make this popular?

Okay seriously though, this was a pretty good job by both wrestlers and it make sense for Mia to win, I think they were both very strong in ring competitors.

All of this reminds me of the UKCT last year, some great matches in the first round, but all and all, the people you’ll really want to watch the second round stuff. Round two, methinks, will be most interesting.

‘Up and at them’






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