May Young Classic Review – Episode 1

So let’s start off with what may be my last set of reviews for WWE content, that is of course until October’s Hell in a Cell. I’m going to that PPV live and I’m mad because of the likely return of the ol’ Deadman, possibly at No Mercy. But, I decided to do an episode by episode review of the May Young Classic, a CWC WWE Network inspired tournament, featuring all women competitors.

I’ll be releasing this as I watch through the tournament. In fact, you may as well call this a stream of conscious style review, as I am really just laying out feelings I have from each episode. Suffice to say, there are SPOILERS below. Enjoy.

Episode 1

Kay Lee Ray vs. Princesa Sugehit (W)

This feels like CWC but with women, which is good. A little the same, but good. Crowd seems really jacked. Lots of OHHs. Okay, seriously, what’s with the OHHs. Are there too many OHHs? Does every hit deserve an OHH? Okay now I’m getting too picky. ‘Two Sweet’ chant has to go. Why did that start?

Princesa kicks a bunch. Princesa also lands one of those swinging power bomb type moves. Big move, face planter thing by Kay Lee Ray. Kick out, by Princesa. Swan ton by Kay Lee Ray missed, arm bar tap out and win for Princesa.

So that was a solid women’s match. Not overly amazing, but some great moments for sure. I’d rate this on the same level of the CWC opener last year.

Vanessa Borne vs. Serena Deeb (W)

Vanessa Borne has big hair. Like just big hair. She’s a former Arizona Cardinals cheerleader, and Phoenix Sun’s dancer. Serena Deeb is a big babyface. She’s a former WWE star (Straight Edge Society; see: CM Punk). I like how WWE just reveals every wrestlers most awful demons in these storylines. Super classy. Vanessa’s been out because she dun went and drank too much. It’s hard not to see the irony in all of this. Straight Edge Society, former recovering alcoholic. Geez, WWE.

That being said, it’s cool to see she is back and recovered and playing a great baby face. Serena Deebs wind up for her finisher is her basically her hopping like a frog on the ground. Swinging neck breaker by Vanessa seems to be her finisher, very solid.

Did these 3 counts seem a little delayed by the ref? (Jessika Carr). All and all though pretty cool to see WWE promoting a woman referee. Serena Deeb wins with a spear.

This was an alright match. Serena didn’t really seem as convincing as Vanessa in my book, but this was still an entertaining match for the most part.

Shana Baszler (W) vs. Zeda

Zeda is kind of a baby face storyline. ‘She’s been bullied’ storyline. She’s a BJJ fighter. Shayna is an actual MMA fighter. Seriously, since when was WWE, MMA? Did you cause this big boy!


From the looks of it, Shayna is adept at bludgeoning other women quite well. Also, just like an MMA fighter she chokes people. Basically a female Brock Lesnar type. I am terrified of this woman.

Ronda Rousey is watching in the crowd. Trying, oh so subtly, to pretend like she isn’t about to become a woman wrestler for WWE. Zeda carried a heart with her to the ring and threw it into the crowd, I can’t help but feel bad for her boring gimmick. Gimmick vs. Gimmick match. The MMA fighter, bully type, versus the person who will probably not stand up to the bully. Be a Star? What star? Oh boy this is going to be interesting.

Starts with handshake diss, uh! biiiitch. These two are very green wrestlers. Zeda and Shayna sound very similar when chanted, go ahead, try it yourself. Shayna’s finisher looked like a dangerous front suplex into sleeper.

Overall this match still feels a little green and kinda a test out for a Ronda match to come. I still don’t know how I feel about that. Also, the woman who knows BJJ did none of it and was essentially bullied in this match. Doesn’t make sense.

Abbey Laith (W) vs. Jazzy Gabert

Jazzy German lady scares me, she will break you. I mean that because she basically looked a lot like a certain someone:

different country that’s for sure.

Abbey Laith states she has made claim to a move from May Young herself, passed down from a trainer to her. Just like how all lineage stories go, right? Jazzy scares the shit out of me, but essentially in a good way. I mean, it is a high likelihood that most of these women will be on other WWE programming this year. So seeing the likes of Jazzy versus some established women, Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax, sounds good to me. JR spills all of Jazzy’s horrible upbringing, damn, JR, why must we be so real these days? Anyways, she’s adopted.

WRESTLING IS MY FAMILY, also who asks “Who is her family?” Lita? Crowd is standing early on. Also again, ABBEY and JAZZY sound about the same when chanted. Big Botch by Jazzy. Jazzy couldn’t actually pick Abbey up for one of those one armed slams. JR must explain pace is slow because: they are slow. Jazzy gets cocky, (ha!) after big forearm, gives a flexing cocky (haha!) pin.

Ha Ha, innuendo.

Big kicks by Abbey. Abbey is taking a Daniel Bryant approach here with these kicks folks. Abbey also gave a very solid swan ton to Jazzy. Surprising win with Abbey Laith using Mae Youngs pinning move, but I guess you gotta have the namesakes move in here for at least the first round. I’m glad they kept the SPORTS-WOMAN-SHIP,  in the match, Lita. Geeze, I thought this was for ladies.

Final Thoughts

All kidding aside this was a pretty good opener. Lots of solid women’s wrestlers who will only continue to get better with more opportunities. I still hate the Full Sail crowd with all of my being. I think they kept taking me out of matches that would be better if I wasn’t hearing two “SWEET” after every two pin. Seriously, if there is anything wrestling doesn’t need is more stupid shit that empowers these idiots to keep butting in on the wrestling. Let the wrestling stand for itself. And all things considered, this was a pretty good opener.

‘Up and at them’


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