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Great Star Trek games are really hard to come by these days.  I feel we haven’t had a Star Trek game that gave you a great Star Trek experience since Bride Commander and Elite Force for the PC.  About 8 months ago, I happened to stumble on news that a new Trek game was being developed for mobile and web platforms by a company called Disruptor Beam and followed the development of the game since then.  The game launched in January for iOS and Android and I’ve had some time to explore the Star Trek universe via my iPad Mini.  So let’s get down to my thoughts on the game shall we?

First off, I am a tad biased because I am a HUGE Star Trek fan and I can find even the most terrible Star Trek games fun in some way.  Secondly, there is no way to do a complete said and done review of this game as it is a “free-to-play” mobile game, so it will be constantly changing, evolving, updating, etc.  The basic premise: “Q” from Star Trek: The Next Generation has caused a temporal anomaly causing every character, ship, planet, person, thing from all of the Star Trek series and films (minus the JJ Abrams films) to merge in the same time.  You command a starship and assemble a crew of characters (famous and obscure) to fix things.

The game looks incredible!  Seeing my ship in orbit above Earth next to a Starbase is a site to behold on a mobile device and I found myself just taken in with the environments.  The touch of a button brings up a map of the galaxy to show who controls what quadrants and the various planets you can warp to, which again, looks awesome.


Missions consist of space battles and away missions.  The space battles have the look and feel of Star Trek for sure.  Phasers, torpedoes, the shields, the music, it’s all there.  The animations can be jumpy from time to time but it’s ok because this game is already going beyond expectations for being free.  The only control you have is activating special traits such as increased accuracy, more power to weapons, or evasion.  It is pretty basic so hopefully we get additional control options at some point.

Red Alert!

I like to think of away missions as “choose your own adventure.”  You have a main objective to meet and various ways to get there.  You select the crew members best suited for the job based on skills and traits and you’ll earn equipment along the way to help upgrade your crew.

Now there’s an away team…

Now, how far can you get in this game?  Well, you pay zero dollars and as such you may run into a wall.  Obviously there are in game purchases you can make to get awesome characters and equipment, but I have not gone that route yet.  With the game being so new I’d like to see some updates and changes before I spend any buckaroos on this.  But I will no doubt support this company who really has spent a great deal of time making a fun Star Trek experience.

Disruptor Beam’s website has a great guide to help explain all of the other intricacies of the game, which was a huge help.  There are a lot of facets to this game, some of which I did not mention, so the guide will serve you well.

As is tradition here on Games and Gimmicks, should you give it a shot or not?  If you are a Star Trek fan, do yourself a favor and GIVE IT A SHOT!!  You’ll love all of the nods to Star Trek stuff and it’s a price you can’t beat (ZERO DOLLARS!).  Take a seat in your favorite captain’s chair, set a course for your app store, and “ENGAGE!”  Yikes, that was extra nerdy.


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