Red Dead Redemption 2? Where are you?


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So it’s been some time and we haven’t heard much out of Rockstar outside of the recent changes in content for GTA Online (see high life and the seasonal Christmas updates).

We also come to think of it, have not heard much as far as DLC for GTA’s single player mode. I believe by this same amount of time from the last GTA release that we already had at least one single player DLC such as the Ballad of Gay Tony, The Lost and the Damned, Undead Nightmare and so on.

I also recognize that we have seen the release of GTA on the PS3, online heists, and a improved PS4 version with an all new first person view, but hey, it still has been some time!

Rockstar is not the type of company to rest not the laurels though, talk around the Internet is that Rockstar will announce something at E3 this summer. I should hope so, I am looking forward to see where they move the story, it’s hard to see where they could go with the ending the last game had.

But it begs another question, the last Red Dead took reportedly 8 years to make and apparently ruined the lives of some of the people that worked on it. Is this game likely to take this long before an actual release or will we see this game before the end of 2016? I sure hope it’s this year!

Rockstar has made a ton of money after GTAV, I hope to see them raise the bar further.

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