Welcome to the Games and Gimmicks Podcast Blog.

That’s kind of a mouth full when it comes to a podcast’s opening title but I digress.

Hosted by E_HUFFY and @thepoorassgamer, join us as we discuss our thoughts on the latest video games and the happenings within the world of professional wrestling and entertainment.

This blog will be ran by yours truly, @thepoorassgamer

I wash myself with a rag on a stick.

and will feature contributions from E_HUFFY

Mr. Snrub, yes. That’s right.

Well, actually, this is probably more of an accurate representation of Eric and Joey’s excitement to bring you this podcast and blog:

Bet you thought you’d never see the stars of Bound for Glory 2006 again did you?

We’ll also be featuring posts from, faceoffoley, you-da-craze, and aldoguzzi.

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